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Mainsail Colour or Technora:
One Panel Undersurface:
Asymmetric Undersurface Right:
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Coloured batten reinforcing tapes
(only available with Technora top surface option)
Gecko Options:
Custom Colours
Moyes Bird Asymmetric Underserface
Technora Mainsail
Black Powder Coated Crossbars
Carbon Speedbar
Short Pack and Glider Box
Hang Loop:

Regular 35” hangloop will be supplied to suit a Moyes harness with a drop length of 1200 mm. If a different size hangloop is required please specify length

OR meaurement (height from base of main hangloop to top of Base Bar)
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Gecko - Includes: 5.6 Oz Dacron Leading Edge, 170 MT Dacron Mainsail & Undersurface, Zoom Frame with Fast Speedbar, Carbon Dive sticks, Carbon Speed Battens.

The GECKO is designed for the upcoming and experienced recreational pilot. Originally designed to bridge the gap between the Malibu and the Litesport Class, the glider exceeds expectations, in handling just as much as in glide performance.

The GECKO is the perfect intermediate glider to introduce pilots to XC flying, with a powerful VG on an otherwise Intermediate planform.


  •  7075 T6 aluminium alloy tubing airframe resulting
    in a glider that is very responsive to weight-shift without compromising maximum pos/neg load requirements for certification
  • Side-cable/luff-line compensation system eliminates unpleasant wire slack while launching, and at the same time guarantees solid pitch stability without compromising glider performance throughout the range of its exceptionally efficient VG system
  • Black Zoom A-frame and Kingpost with aerofoil Fast speedbar easily upgraded to Carbon speedbar
  • Carbon Divestick with unique spoon bill tip design, tapered to the trailing edge. Reduced weight reduces roll inertia.
  • Cable geometry allows the Gecko to lay flat and pack up without any tricks.
  • Carbon trailing edge speed battens to reduce flutter at speeds
  • Durable 5.6 oz Dacron Leading edge
  • 170 MT Dacron Mainsail & Undersurface, durable and colour fast


  • Custom Colours (colour selector)
  • PX Mylar leading edge in UV resistant white or silver
  • Moyes Technora mainsail. UV resistant, ultralight weight with very low stretch and high tensile strength
  • Coloured batten tapes. Adds a new dimension to customise your glider. Available in a range of colours
  • Asymmetric undersurface with Moyes bird for that unique look!

Carbon Speedbar

  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Hand laid pre-impregnated carbon fibre
  • Internal pressure cured at very high temperatures to ensure an attractive and durable finish
  • Comfortable round hand grips

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Gecko - Specifications

 Gecko 155Gecko 170
Area (between tight and loose VG) 14.4 m² / 155 sq. ft. 15.8 m² / 170 sq. ft.
Span 9.66 m / 31.7 ft.  10.07 m / 33.04 ft.
Nose Angle 124 Degrees  124 Degrees
Aspect Ratio 6.48  6.42
Glider Weight 29.5 kg / 65 lbs 33.1 kg / 73 lbs
Optimal Pilot Weight Range 70 - 85 kg / 154 - 187 lbs 85 - 100 kg / 187 - 220 lbs
Pilot Weight Range
55 - 86 kg / 121 - 190 lbs 70 - 110 kg / 154 - 242 lbs
No. of Battens Top Surface 8 / Under Surface 2 Top Surface 8 / Under Surface 2
Double Surface 70% (root) - 90% (tip) 70% (root) - 90% (tip)
Stall Speed* 32 kph / 20 mph 32 kph / 20 mph
Top Speed* + 90 kph / +56 mph  + 90 kph / +56 mph

* all speeds are flown at sea level with each model's respective typical pilot weight, Plus 18kg / 40lb harness & gear.


Gecko - Colour Selector


Gecko - Asymmetric Undersurface

Gecko - Technora Mainsail & One Panel Undersurface

Gecko - Dacron Mainsail