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RX Pro
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Litespeed RX

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Glider Size:
Coloured batten reinforcing tapes
(only available with Technora top surface option)
Under Surface - Inner Section:
Under Surface - Swoosh:
Under Surface - Double Swoosh (optional):
Under Surface - Outer Section:
Under Surface - Boomerang:
Leading Edge / Rim:
Trailing Edge:
Pre set Glider Configurations:
See configurations in the descriptions below
Side Wires
A-frame Options:
Carbon Options:
Carbon Speedbar
Carbon Front LE
Carbon Battens
Carbon Divesticks
Carbon Rear LE
Carbon LE Inserts
Some options will already be part of your Pre set Glider Configurations
Hang Loop:

Regular 35” hangloop will be supplied to suit a Moyes harness with a drop length of 1200 mm. If a different size hangloop is required please specify length
Spare Parts:
Spare Upright Right
XC Bag
Spare Upright Left
Water Proof Bag



With the RX, you can now enter a whole new dimension of high performance flying - and here's why:

The RX series shows around a 9% flatter sail cut, (especially near the root section) resulting in a much improved high speed glide - and a higher top end speed.

These new models have also undergone a gentle reshaping of the trailing edge plan form, which achieves a more balanced feel in thermals with less high-siding, for effortless thermaling.

As an additional safety feature, the RX models sport a new, improved cloth rib section across the wing span, providing a better controlled under-surface for improved pitch stability.

This latest evolution of the Moyes Litespeed line with its higher aspect ratio features additional refinements to the sail design to maximise handling characteristics when launching, landing, thermaling and improving speed.

The RX is available in four DHV certified sizes - RX3 for pilot weights between 50 to 65kg, RX3.5 for pilots 65 to 80kg, RX4 for pilots 80-95kg and the RX5 for pilots 95-110kg.

Take your flying to a new dimension....

Glider Configurations

The RX: Aerofoil Uprights, Round Speedbar (silver)
The RX Pro: Zoom and Carbon Speedbar, Carbon Rear LE, Carbon Divesticks, Carbon LE Inserts

*Carbon Front LE, Carbon Battens and Technora Sail cloth might be an additional option

Carbon Keel (temporarily unavailable)



Litespeed RX - Colour Selector



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