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Malibu 2

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Regular 35” hangloop will be supplied to suit a Moyes harness with a drop length of 1200 mm. If a different size hangloop is required please specify length

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The second generation Moyes Malibu2 has arrived!

Originally designed for beginner and intermediate pilots, the Malibu was soon adopted as the perfect "dune-gooning" wing and warmly welcomed by experienced pilots, due to its exceptionally slow speed and quick roll handling performance.

Now in it's second generation, the Malibu2 sports a streamlined exterior incorporating a new reinforced trailing edge that blends seamlessly into the leading edge panel for not only a more sophisticated appearance, but also to boost the sail's durability.

This improved sail cut design has created an unmistakable family resemblance to the Moyes high performance gliders with its homogenous and distinct coloured rim tracing around the core sail.

However, the new Malibu2's innovations are in the details. The trailing edge planform allows the wing at speeds nearing stall to redistribute the load, which, frees the wing tips from excessive load burden. The result? Guarantees improved control during take off and landing.

We have also developed a unique low-friction ball bearing tip. This improves the glider's renowned easy handling by allowing the wing tip to rotate freely.

The Malibu2 gives pilots the ability to experience the improved stall characteristics, roll response, pitch stability and performance aspects encompassed in this second-generation single surface hang glider.

Pilots of all levels will love the responsive handling – whether you're looking at a fun dune flight or challenging cross-country adventure, the Malibu2 has the versatility to take you.


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