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Welcome to our Christmas Newsletter!

In this issue we take a look back at the year that as just zipped past and what’s new ahead.

Double Swoosh!

We're pleased to announce the release of our newest option for the RX Pro range.

The Double Swoosh!

Gerolf has been busy working on updating all the RX’s and this option can now be ordered on all RX Pro sizes 3, 3.5, 4 and 5!
Our new colour selector will have you playing with colours for hours!
Click here for Colour selector.

Make your dream come alive in 2019!

Click here for the updated order form.

Christmas Special

Order any new Moyes glider in the next 30 days and receive a Christmas present to the value of $500!

Moyes Christmas swag: Spare upright, XC Bag, Neoprene Speed Sleeves, Moyes Gloves.

Moyes Boys wins

The Moyes Boys have had some impressive wins this year, our young guns Rory Duncan from Australia, Ollie Chitty from the UK and Damien Zahn from Switzerland have had a taste of the podium! . Balazs Ujhelyi from Hungary trimmed down to an RX 3.5 and was super impressed with the glider’s handling and performance and Grant Crossingham shines in some big-name comps!
Forbes 2018 Rory Duncan RX 3 Pro
Forbes 2018 (Women’s) Alexandra Serebrennikova RX 3
New Zealand Nationals John Smith RS 4
NSW State Titles Manilla Ollie Chitty RX5 Pro
WA State Titles Michael Cassels RX 3
Valadares Open Marcio Rosadas RX 3.5 Pro
Itajiki 2018 Yuji Suzuki RX 3.5
Dalby Big Air Attila Bertok RX 5 Pro
Ludesch Open, Switzerland Damien Zahn RX 3
Norwegian Nationals Olav Opsanger RX 3.5
Cat 1 European Championships, Macedonia
  1st Alex Ploner Icaro,
  2nd Grant Crossingham RX 3.5 Pro
  3rd Balazs Ujhelyi RX 3.5 Pro
Big Spring, Texas, USA Attila Bertok RX 5 Pro
Slovakian Nationals Jaroslav Sojka RX 5 Pro
Brazilian Nationals,Brasilia Jonny Durand RX 3.5 Pro
UK Nationals, Laragne France Grant Crossingham RX 3.5 Pro
Rio State Championships Marcio Rosadas RX 3.5 Pro
Canungra Classic Ollie Chitty RX 5 Pro
Canoa Open, Ecuador Raul Guerra RX 3.5 Pro
Central West Classic, Gulgong Jonny Durand RX 3.5 Pro
2018 Season    
German XC Championships Roland Wohrle RX 3.5 Pro
German XC Championships (Female) Corinna Schwiegershausen RX 3
World XC Online contest (Female) Corinna Schwiegershausen RX 3

The Gecko 170

The Gecko Rises Above…

Since we launched the Gecko 170 just over 12 months ago they have been consistently impressing everyone that’s flown one!

There are an array of technical features that give the Gecko 170 it’s distinct handling and performance advantage over its competitors.

The sail’s enhancements support the Gecko 170’s durability and stability, while the frame’s engineering includes the innovative compensation system for real VG efficiency and high-speed performance.

These features combine to give the you a package that is second to none for an intermediate glider.

For the sake of brevity in this intro, we’ve kept details to a minimum, but for your reading pleasure, you’ll find all the scientific techie info below on our feature-packed Gecko 170.

Fly Before You Buy

If you want to check out the amazing Gecko 170 for yourself, why not book in a test flight and give her a whirl?

We have demos all over the world, so contact us at Moyes directly here in Aus, or get in touch with any of our dealers world-wide.

We’re confident you will too appreciate the Gecko’s superior handling and performance package.

And now for the science…

Gecko Features

Our side-cable/luff-line compensation system eliminates unpleasant wire slack while launching, and at the same time guarantees solid pitch stability without compromising glider performance throughout the range of its exceptionally efficient VG system.

The PX leading edge enhances the high-speed performance of the Gecko, with a cloth that keeps the profile 'clean' under load. The PX 'Rim' encompasses the Technora mainsail, not only for aesthetics, but also to give the trailing edge the firmness it needs to maintain performance during high-speed glides.

The sail: We utilize reinforcements in the sail design to give you the best durability.
As the Technora is a clear laminate, that is, it does not have a backing, it is more prone to the stitches pulling and creating a tear in the Technora film. You may have seen this on others gliders.
We apply an adhesive dacron strip before the batten pockets are sewn onto the Technora mainsail to alleviate this problem.

All of these features have a positive impact on the Gecko 170 and combine to create a point of difference!
Straight out of the bag, the combination of the handling and performance package is what everyone is raving about!


"This glider is very nice to fly. It flies exactly like a hang glider should! Sits in thermals perfectly and lets you manipulate the bubbles however you want. It has a bit of speed for gliding (but not quite a topless). I was roughed up pretty badly in the "garbage tip" thermal at Manilla and it felt safe and secure. It's a Gecko 170. Nice work team Moyes."

Bruce Wynne
Bondi, NSW, Australia

"I've never had more fun flying a Hangglider. I am coming from a single surface wing and was a little worried about the transition, but I could not be happier with how seamless it has been. When looking for a new glider you have to ask yourself why do you fly? For me I want SAFE, easy flying first with the potential to go on a long cross country flight and the Gecko 170 checks all the boxes. The launching, landing, and handling characteristics are about as easy as they come as I feel like I am in complete control from start to finish. It doesn't hurt either that it is without a doubt the best looking wing in the sky. It is not even a competition right now. I look forward to many more years of flying this dream machine."

David Morgan
Arkansas, USA

"This spring I've had lucky cold fronts occur on weekends I could fly, so I've enjoyed several hour+ thermal flights locally, which is great. I never have logistics for XC or else I probably would have some personal bests. I think the best thing about the Gecko is the transformation with VG. That is a powerful little rope! I'm really shocked at how well it goes tight, and with so little bar pressure. I've been having more fun on it than any other glider I've flown because of its ability to scratch combined with impressive glide at speed."

Zach Hazen
California, USA

Ric Caylor
Pennsylvania USA

The fast that lasts…..Try one for yourself!

Look back at some of our fantastic 2018 video collection

Big thanks to Ollie Chitty for the videos he put together for us this past year
If you missed them take a peek:

Insight into the sail art of producing an RX Pro

Close up look at the final assembly of the Gecko

RX Pro with Skylite option in the making to test flying

Gecko 155 and Gecko 170 on the ridge at Rainbow beach in
Queensland, Australia

Welcome to two new Moyes dealers!

After the Pre-World’s in Italy, Jonny Durand and I took the opportunity to visit some old and some new friends including Wolfgang Aumer in Kelheim, Germany and Manfred Bangheri in Zillertal, Austria.

We’re excited to be working with Wolfgang and Manfred and welcome them both as Worldwide Moyes dealers offering sales and service of Moyes gliders.
Wolfgang Aumer Manfred Bangheri

You can find all their details on our worldwide dealers page:

Our very special visit to China for the first XC competition

Fostering camaraderie in China.
In collaboration with our Moyes dealer in China we set about to organize the first hang gliding competition in China. The 2018 Moyes China Hang gliding Invitational Tournament.

7-15th June
Longfei Yang has advanced hang gliding in China a long way in just a few short years. He has been competing at the Forbes Flatlands competition since 2012, and excited to organise a competition at his new flight park in Guyuan County.
After discussion with Longfei in January, after the Forbes comp, we mutually agreed to start small. Longfei would have 10 local competitors and Moyes would invite 5 local pilots to tread this new ground. Longfei has 2 Dragonfly’s at his flight park and onsite accommodation and kindly organised 5 new Gecko’s for our pilots to fly during their visit.
I’ll let you read on further about Longfei’s introduction to hang gliding and some of the guys thoughts on this amazing country, the hospitality and the breath-taking landscape and flying.

From Longfei Yang:
I come from a small village in Guyuan county, Hebei province, China. I had seen hang gliding on TV when I was just a boy. I always dreamed of becoming a hang glider pilot.
I bought my first hang glider a Fun190 in Guangzhou in 2009. But at that time there were no hang gliding instructors in China. The only way to learn to hang glide was to teach myself. I found some videos and bought the “hang gliding training manual” on the internet. I struggled, as I have never read or spoken English before, reading an English book was very difficult for me, the only way I could translate was to input words on the computer and use translation software to check, that’s also one of the reasons why I can speak a little English now!
In 2011 I saw the Dragonfly towing a hang glider on video. At that time I already had some ideas about making the first hang gliding club in China. I found Bill Moyes’s contact information and sent him the first email by my poor English. After a few days, I got an email from Bill Moyes, he was very interested in the hang gliding development of China. After several contacts, he and Molly came to Guyuan, China to check out our sites. Then Bill invited me to Australia to see the Forbes hang gliding competition and to learn to fly the Dragonfly with Bob Bailey. I then became the Moyes Chinese agent, and I made the” I’m flying club “the first hang gliding club in China.
I love a sentence, “successful is a person that spends their whole life to do what they like.” I think Bill is the true reflection of this sentence. Now I fly Dragonfly every day for towing and teaching hang gliding. I like this life!
Thanks to the two teachers in my life, not only for flying, Bill and Bob but also Thank you very much Molly, you are the good mother for every Moyes pilot !


2018 the year of the RX 3!

27th December, 2017

Even before the comp at Forbes had started Alexandra Serebrennikova RX 3 set 2 World Records!
1. Distance of 210.4 km over a triangular course
2. Speed of 37.83 km/h over a triangular course of 200km

2nd January, 2018
Conditions allowed us to set the World’s longest competition task from Forbes to Manilla of 388.9 km
Oliver Chitty RX5 Pro wins the day and 16 pilots make the task. Alexandra Serebrennikova is the only female pilot to make goal. Sasha not only made goal but flew on past to set 2 more World records!
3. Straight distance of 407.99 km to a declared goal
4. Free distance of 412.5 km over up to three checkpoints

5th January 2018
After 7 tasks and 1404.9 km Rory Duncan is declared the champion of the Forbes Flatlands 2018 flying the RX 3 Pro!

4th May 2018
Corinna Schwiegershausen RX3 has her 3 World record flights from 5th November 2017 in Brazil
ratified by the FAI

Straight distance to a Declared goal 405.8 km (Previous Yoko Sano 367.6 km)
Straight Distance 407.2 km (Previous Kari Castle 403.5 km)
Free Distance using 3 turnpoints 411.0 km

12th May 2018
Damien Zahn RX 3 wins the Ludesch Open in Switzerland

Perfect Christmas Gift ideas

Our stock of the stunning Adventure Flying calendar by Alexandra Serebrennikova has just arrived.

Australian orders may be placed online:…/bo…/hang-gliding-calendar-2019-detail
International orders should be placed via the Adventure Flying website:

We also offer a beautifully printed gift voucher card that can be purchased through our store:

The factory will be closed for a well-earned break from 21st December 2018 for the Christmas holidays and will reopen on Monday 7th January, 2019
I will be available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
From all of us at Moyes we thank you for your support and we wish you a wonderful festive season.

Warmly, Vicki Cain

Managing Director
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