Moyes Delta Gliders

Litespeed RX Pro

RX Pro Expect the extraordinary…

Outclimb your rivals • Increase your glide • Exceed your goals

The RX Pro incorporates confidence inspiring, innovative qualities you expect from a Moyes glider!

Consistent bar pressure and feedback provides confidence at higher speeds.
Less unwanted yaw and roll gives you the “glides on rails” effect.

The RX Pro a glider that provides the complete package of high performance flying enjoyment!

  • Fresh clean under surface with the unique ‘Swoosh’ or ‘Double Swoosh’ design
  • Batten Cut-outs which allows an altogether tighter sail span-wise without extra panel tension
  • Super clean tip area to give you the cleanest, wrinkle free tip in the business!
  • Sail perfection to make your friends envious
  • Custom Colours
  •  Moyes signature inlaid sail design with PX Rim and Technora Core
  •  Coloured Batten tapes assists the durability of your Technora top surface



  DHV - Litespeed RX Technora 3  DHV - Litespeed RX Technora 3.5  DHV - Litespeed RX Technora 4  DHV - Litespeed RX Technora 5



Tyler Borradaile


 I switched to flying a Moyes 4 years ago initially for 2 simple reasons. The first was that I felt I was always looking up at the Moyes guys at the top of the stack, it seemed as though the Moyes gliders were always climbing better, they seemed able to fly just that little bit slower in lift and still keep full control allowing them to move up through the gaggle. The second reason I bought a Moyes which is every bit as important to me as the first reason and that is SERVICE. I have seen top Moyes pilots fighting for 1st and 2nd in a Open contest pull out of launch line to help another Moyes pilot (in the Sports Class) get into the air before they did saving that pilots contest while jeopardizing their own, parts are always close by and if they aren't Moyes has always looked at every option to try and find a way to get you back in the air the next day, questions always get answers and as corny as this may sound, you are made to feel like part of the family. Thats why I started flying Moyes gliders, the quality of craftsmanship, performance, handling, beginner like launching and landing characteristics of the RX are added perks that will keep me on a Moyes.

Tyler Borradaile

Phill Bloom

Last fall I went to the Santa Cruz Flats race in Arizona and placed in the top five with the likes of Tyler, Jonny, Kraig, and Olav. I was a little worried about the new Skylite sail not having done any comp flying beforehand, not knowing what to expect. Also, the field of pilots were no slouches! The glider was nothing less than exceptional in performance, I sat on top of most climbs, even giving Jonny a run for his money on the RX 4 and Tyler on the 3.5. I believe the glide is second to none and it loves being loaded, glides of 50 mph plus feel fantastic! So, I guess you’ve done it again! Congrats!  Phill Bloom

# Id Name   Nat Glider Sponsor T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 Total
1 15 Tyler Borradaile M CAN Moyes RX 3.5 Pro Flytec USA, Moyes 959 629 864 912 3364
2 21 Jonny Durand M AUS Moyes RX 4 Pro Red Bull, Moyes, Mitsubishi  652 1000 835 876 3363
3 2112 Olav Opsanger M NOR Moyes RX 3.5 Pro Moyes 940 797 704 896 3337
4 97 Kraig Coomber M USA Moyes RX 3.5 Pro Moyes USA 957 828 558 925 3268
5 26 Phill Bloom M USA Moyes RX 3.5 Pro   933 762 657 794 3146