Moyes Delta Gliders



Moyes has applied its extensive knowledge of glider production gained through years of developing peak performance gliders to create a glider designed to heighten the pure enjoyment of flight for all pilots - The Moyes Sonic.

The Sonic is a 60% double surface wing with round down tubes and a padded speed bar. The frame is made with 7075 T6 aluminium tubing which possesses excellent flex characteristics for maximum strength. The sail is durable 4 oz Dacron.

The SONIC boasts Moyes renowned neutral static balance, granting the pilot greater ground handling control. In addition, the Sonics’ slow speed handling properties allow the pilot to soar with minimum effort and maximum safety while aiding in trouble-free landings.

Characteristics Overview

  • suitable for Beginner or intermediate pilots
  • available in 2 sizes

Technical Overview - Standard

  • 4oz Dacron leading edge, mainsail and undersurface
  • full 7075 aluminium air frame
  • round uprights and  round speed bar

Technical Overview –Options

  • aerofoil uprights option
  • aerofoil uprights and VG option on the 190 only

Technical Overview - Sail Options

  • PX 20 TI02 Leading Edge
  • undersurface has two panels of Dacron, and can be custom coloured to your requirements