Moyes Delta Gliders


X2The Moyes X2 is a double surface tandem glider with a Variable Geometry. The glider has designed for those pilots who want more performance out of a tandem glider.

The V.G can be utilised on tight settings for extended glide and increased climb performance, whilst loose settings allow the glider to be de-tuned to provide slower landing speeds with good control and easy flare authority.

The sail is made from 4 ounce dacron with a choice of either scrim or dacron for the leading edge.

The X2 has a large control basebar - 65 inch wide and the downtubes are 69 inch long rounded.

The X2 has near neutral static balance on the ground in order to provide easy ground handling for the tandem pilot. Assembly is straight forward with eight top-surface battens per side and two bottom-surface battens per side. Tensioning the X2 is achieved from the rear with tensioning cables attaching to the rear Bailey Block. The stability system consists of two luff-lines per side and washout struts at the tips.

The X2 has been tested and met all USHGMA airworthiness standards.