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conarThe Conar Metamorfosi is recognised as one of the worlds finest reserve parachutes. It's back and now built by Moyes.

Tested and deployed in free fall by skydivers, the Conar Metamorfosi is one of the safest emergency parachutes ever built. So unique in its design, it has its own patent.

The Conar was invented by aviation enthusiast Angelo Crapanzano, of Metamorfosi, Italy in 1999. It was and still is an innovative pull down apex design of high quality, reliability and security, chosen by many of the worlds top pilots for their own security.

Moyes have now obtained the manufacturing rights to produce the Conar and to cater for the high demand of this superior reserve parachute. The same stringent testing and superior manufacturing will be provided by Moyes.

The quality of the Conar reserve has been demonstrated by hundreds of openings and has an unsurpassed range of features. Made from premium quality, lightweight materials, it has a unique fabric cone located in the vent which allows the parachute to open quickly; this is critical at low altitudes, helps reduce sink rate and improves stability

When the unexpected happens, you want the VERY BEST RESERVE, and you want it to work.
Choose Conar by Moyes - The Best form of insurance you can get

  • Pulled down apex reduces sink rate and opening time.
  • Reversed Apex cone further reduces sink rate, increases stability and reduces opening time, which can be critical at low altitudes
  • Reduced surface area increases deployment speed
  • Reduced weight facilitates the throwing action and improves deployment at low airspeeds
  • Free fall tested to 150 metres, over 180 km per hour
  • Currently available in 3 sizes


Model Gores [n°] Weight [kg] Area [m2]
Conar HG16 16 1.68 22.36
Conar HG18 18 2.02 28.38
Conar HG20 20 2.58 35.11


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Conar Manual V1
Conar Manual English
Conar Manual German


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What Size Parachute Do You Need?

This section will help you determine the parachute size that you should use.
The sink rate under canopy is calculated as the equivalent of jumping from a given height. A jump from a height of 1.3 metres (4.3 feet) is acceptable for the average pilot. Use this calculation to see what your jump height would be.
Calculation for Conar parachutes only

1. First, determine your clip-in weight in kilograms. That is your weight with harness when you clip into your glider. It should NOT include the weight of the glider. Use your clip-in weight in the calculation below.

2. Equivalent Jump Height = 4 x Weight / Gores 2
(Gores is the number of suspension lines on the parachute: 16, 18, or 20) Example:
80 kg clip-in weight and using a Conar HG16 (it has 16 gores) Jump height = 4 x 80 / (16x16) = 1.25 metres
So for this person clipping in at 80kg and using a Conar HG16, it would be like jumping from a height of 1.25 metres.... that's good.

Alert! The above calculation is for metric units (kilograms and metres). For pounds and feet you must use this calculation;
Height (feet) = 6 x Weight (lbs)/Gores2

Class 5 rigid wings! For Class 5 rigid wings (e.g. ATOS, Stalker) add half of the wing weight to your clip-in weight calculated at step 1.

conar graph

Further considerations

  • Depending on your physical status you may be able to tolerate a harder or softer landing. The maximum “equivalent height” for a fit athletic pilot is about 1.80 m and, excluding special cases, we suggest not to go below 1 metre.
  • A smaller parachute will open faster, but its sink rate may be too high and you may hurt yourself.
  • If your parachute is too big the landing will be softer, but if you are too low the parachute might not open in time.
  • The Conar is a fast opening parachute and there is no need to trade sink rate for opening time.


Drop Test

Here is a short video of the drop test from and aeroplane of the Metamorfosi Conar by Moyes 16 and Metamorfosi Conar 18. The 18 was tested with a 140kg (308lbs) of weight and the 16 was tested with a 100kg (220lbs) of weight.


Low level deployment


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