Moyes Delta Gliders

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The Malibu2 is available in two configurations, the Classic and the Pro with various options to suit your flying style and budget. The Malibu2 comes in two sizes 166 and 188  (see specifications for details).

Sail Configuration:
Custom Colours
4 oz Dacron Sail with inlaid Rim /Core design
Easy to attach Nose Cone
Full leading edge Mylar/Foam inserts
Airframe Configuration:
7075 T6 Series Aluminium airframe
Aerofoil Kingpost
Kickstand keel stinger
Round uprights  
Speed bar with rubber grips  
‘Fast’ aluminium speedbar (Anodised Black)  
‘Zoom’ A-Frame and hardware (Anodised Black)  
  AUD $8800
(incl GST)
AUD $9900
(incl GST)
Welcome Pack includes Glider service card, Moyes apparel, Batten Profile, Moyes Vinyl sticker sheet for uprights, speedbar and car, 5 Batten tips lever and screw, Glider manual on Moyes USB

Prices listed are RRP (regular retail price) not including packing, freight, import fees, dealer preparation or delivery charges.

Optional Extras:
Black powder coated cross bars and keel AUD $423.50
(incl GST)
Carbon fibre speedbar   AUD $1320
(incl GST)
Asymmetric sail design AUD $385
(incl GST)
AUD $385
(incl GST)
Skylite core AUD $880
(incl GST)
AUD $880
(incl GST)
Round anodised Black speedbar on request
Extended L/E sleeve for 100+ kg pilots (no extra charge)
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round uprights

Round Uprights

zoom uprights2

Zoom Uprights

  • extremely low drag aerodynamic profile
  • extruded aluminium
  • anodised matt black finish


round speedbar no fittings

Round Speedbar

  • Round 6061 drawn aluminium tube
  • anodised bright dip finish to match the aerofoil uprights
  • non slip rubber hand grips


fast speedbar no fittings

Fast aerofoil Speedbar

  • low drag aerodynamic profile
  • extruded aluminium
  • anodised bright dip finish to match the aerofoil uprights

Zoom Carbon Speedbar

  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Hand laid pre-impregnated carbon fibre
  • Internal pressure cured at very high temperatures to ensure an attractive and durable finish
  • Comfortable round hand grips
  • Improved Zoom bottom fitting that allows the carbon speed bar to fold out an extra 45 degrees