Moyes Delta Gliders


Gecko in factoryThe GECKO is designed for the upcoming and experienced recreational pilot. Originally designed to bridge the gap between the Malibu and the Litesport Class, the glider exceeds expectations, in handling just as much as in glide performance.

The GECKO is the perfect intermediate glider to introduce pilots to XC flying, with a powerful VG on an otherwise Intermediate planform.


  •  7075 T6 aluminium alloy tubing airframe resulting in a glider that is very responsive to weight-shift without compromising maximum pos/neg load requirements for certification.
  • Side-cable/luff-line compensation system eliminates unpleasant wire slack while launching, and at the same time guarantees solid pitch stability without compromising glider performance throughout the range of its exceptionally efficient VG system.
  • Black Zoom A-frame and Kingpost with aerofoil Fast speedbar easily upgraded to Carbon speedbar.
  • Carbon Divestick with unique spoon bill tip design, tapered to the trailing edge. Reduced weight reduces roll inertia.
  • Cable geometry allows the Gecko to lay flat and pack up without any tricks.
  • Carbon trailing edge speed battens to reduce flutter at speeds.