Moyes Delta Gliders

Trent Brown - Australia


I grew up on a property near the flying Mecca of Forbes. My fascination with flight inevitably lead to an obsession with hang gliding.

I graduated from Tove and Grant Heaney's Hang Gliding school in 2005, and focused on racking up as much airtime as possible. Towing from my parents property at Grenfell, I rapidly accumulate inland flying experience. This persistence is rewarded with numerous XC flights and 'Floater' class competition wins in my Moyes Sonic 165 in the months after being signed off.

I progressed through several high performance gliders before returning to Moyes with the creation of the Litespeed RS. I currently compete in an RS 3.5, this glider perfectly matches my flying style. The additional span and higher aspect ratio of the RS provides me with exceptional thermaling performance and glide.

The addition of a Moyes Matrix Race harness has seen my flying hit a new level with some solid results in the past year.

  • 2nd Dalby Big Air 2010
  • 4th Dutch Open 2010
  • 2nd Canungra Classic 2010
  • 7th Forbes Craig Worth 2011
  • 3rd Forbes Steve Hocking 2011

I now reside in Canberra and are surrounded by excellent flying sites providing flying opportunities in a variety of conditions. Coupled with the enthusiastic flying community in the region, Canberra is an excellent feeding ground for aspiring Aussie team members and record chasers alike.

twitter: @flyingtrent
Leonardo: Trent's Flights