Moyes Delta Gliders


Three days of hang gliding over the Labour Day weekend and Cross country flight discussions. The best moment of the year is usually from the end of the spring through mid of summer (end of May - mid June). So, a bunch of the Quebec Moyes team were so happy that they cannot resist to go flying. I personally made my first two small cross country flights of the year (68 and 65 km) during these last two weekends. Even if it is a bit late in the season, as conditions are already set for lower cloud bases, it was about time!!!


Sunday was particularly pleasant with the sky covered with cloud streets. I even had to stop my flight this day as I reached the US border following a cloud street with more than 5000 feet over ground, and a endless cloud street in front of me.... it was an hundred miles day for sure.


Monday the first of September (Labour Day, see attached pictures) was a beautiful blue day, and everybody spent it in the air. More than 30 pilots (8 Hang Gliders and 22 Paragliders) were here to celebrate and painted the sky full of colors. It was nice to see all these Litespeed owners coming in to land at our club landing field (CVLY – Club de Vol Libre Yamaska) with the biggest smile they got this year.....


We all hope it will continue for a while before winter arrives, however it is coming quickly.

Happy flying to all

Marc Breton Moyes Quebec