Moyes Delta Gliders

Gerolf, Dave May and Conrad Loten on the task committee this morning. A 206.6 km triangle is set for Tomingly, Trudle and back to the airport. We set up to tow into the West South West. We stage the pilots on the horn for cars out. 5 minutes before launch opens Gerolf suggests to drop the Tomingly Trundle leg and come straight back to the airport for a 184 km out and return task. We delay the launch time by 5 minutes. Wes takes Bill's line and Greg and I our own and we go pilot to pilot to advise of the change. We are set to go. Everyone is away in 50 minutes. The day proves to be difficult enough. Blay comes in first completing the task in 4.05, Balazs placed 2nd for the day and Gerolf 3rd. 23 pilots make goal, Attila the last coming in at 7:20 pm. There are 6 pilots that are less than 5 kms short. Marat and Flockie land at the airport but don't cross the line. Flockie is 100 m short. I don't make the HQ until later as we have a dinner with the Aeroclub president. Wes said there are alot of tired pilots after they were in the air for an average 6 and a half hours.

The Sport class task is 91.2 kms to Tomingly. 4 make goal! Andy wins the day.

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