Moyes Delta Gliders

Light winds predicted again so the task committee of Jonny, Trent and Dave May set a 138.5 km zig zag task to Grenfel, Eugowra with goal at Gooloogong. The Sport class has a 54.2 km straight line task to the same goal at Gooloogong. The wind switches slightly at launch so we swing the set up a little more to the west. Towing is fast today, my line away in 47 minutes, Greg's in 50 and Rob's in 1 hour. Tomas Suchanek pays us a visit on his way to Naromine. Imagine if Tommy showed up and we were resting!!! The Sport class all get away in good time and with one tow. Rob phones from goal that there is a powerline and line of trees between the road and goal. He and Wes discuss if to set the line up or not. I sms all the drivers to let their teams know. Rob calls back that he has decided not to set up the line and I send a second SMS. Goal is now a 400m cylinder. Molly and I arrive at goal and the first pilots are already there. Sport Class: Kathryn makes her first ever goal. Scott wins the day and Luke is just 5 kms short. Jonny and Blay are first into goal taking the first start. Balazs wins the day with Jonny 2nd and Attila 3rd. At goal we hear that the competition leader Zac has landed early. 40 pilots make goal. Another short retrieve from goal of 50 kms.

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