Moyes Delta Gliders

North with a bit of west in the tow paddock easing during the day. The task committee of Jonny, Trent and Dave May choose a 128km polygon course with goal back at the World's tow paddock again. Everyone is tired after the long day yesterday and leisurely set up for the 12.45 pm start of towing. Towing goes well. We head to the goal field at 4 pm and hear Blay is already on final. We get there just in time to see Attila get in first followed by Blay. Jonny comes in 3rd and wins the day. 46 in goal all up. Rob In't Groen comes over the goal line low and has a hard downwind landing dislocating his elbow. He gave his mum and dad at goal a terrible fright. Thank you to Sue Bunner who helped me guide the Ambulance in. Thank you to Jonny and the pilots who were first to Rob to help him. He spent the night in hospital and we hope to see him this morning. Larry Bunner was the closest to goal that didn't make it being 66 m short. Ward Gunn makes his first ever goal. Luke Brown wins his first day in the Sport class and is big grins at the HQ. Another early night with goal only 14 kms from town.

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