Moyes Delta Gliders

Light West to north west winds are predicted early, the task committee of Jonny, Trent and Balazs choose a 148.2 km kind of triangle to the south to Grenfel, Caraga and back to the World's tow paddock next to Len's house. There's over development to the North over Parkes and Orange. Towing starts at 12.45pm with a mandatory start at 2.20 pm. No one wants to tow for the first 20 minutes then there is backlog in the launch queue. Towing is a little slow as we are one tug down with engine problems. There are dusties going off in the tow paddock with lots of weak link breaks. Big Jon calls big smooth thermals at 6000'. It's a totally blue day on course. We head to the goal at 5 pm but on the way hear that there are lots of pilots down before the first turnpoint. Rob reports that the goal coordinates are on the road so he sets up 200 m into the old tow paddock. There's more cars arriving when Balazs and Zac come screaming into goal. Gerolf 3rd, Peter from Hungary 4th, Conrad Loten 5th. Jonny and Attila and James Stinnet are late by over an hour. Alex Blenkinsop sees her dad make goal for the first time. The later pilots have been in the air for over 6 hours. 14 in goal all up. Lots of tired pilots. Forecast is for higher temperatures the next days.

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