Moyes Delta Gliders

Strong winds early and easing. The task committee of Lukas, Attila and Balazs set a 141.3 km straight line task to Attila's goal down towards Booroowa with 3 starts and the 2.20pm start being a mandatory start for the top 20 pilots.

The task committee sets 3 possible tasks as the forcast is for overdevelopement with a task committee briefing at the airport at 11.50 am. The Sport task is the same as yesterday with 62.2 km to Grenfel Racecourse.

After the task committee meeting the only change is the mandatory start is dropped. We advise all the pilots of the change without calling a task briefing in the field. The sky is full of clouds and with the look of overdevelopment everyone is keen to go early. Towing starts at 12.45 pm and everyone is away in an hour. Cameron Tunbridge on the safety committee is not flying today so I appoint Tony Lowrey as the 3rd safety committee member. About 3 pm Alex Blenkinsop phones to say that Steve has reported some rain just off the courseline. Tony Lowrey's driver John reports the same. Wesly checks the radar and sees a small cell but one that should be able to be avoided. The radar shows rain 30 km to the west. Rob arrives at goal at 4 pm and reports a little bit of rain to the east of the course line and alot of rain 30 km west of the course line. Rob has about 10 pilots at goal. Then just before 5 pm a gust front hits. We stop the task at 5 pm. Reports start coming in, Jamie msgs carnage at goal but everyone safe so far. I phone the Sport class car and they are all safe and on their way home already. Later in the night as everyone comes to pin in we hear the horror stories of gliders damaged. Tony Lowrey needs stitches in his hand as the gust tore his glider out of his grasp. His poor glider was blown away and smashed to pieces, the sail torn in half. Everyone is back by 11.30 pm and everyone is safe. Wesley has the scores posted just before 12. Attila wins the day with Carl Wallbank 2nd and Steve Blenkinsop 3rd.

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