Moyes Delta Gliders

North East wind today and a 194.3km dogleg task is set for Bookham via Caraga. Attila, Lukas and Big Jon are today's task committee. We arrive at the airfield with booming cu's, there is a slight chance of overdevelopment. Armando lands the Swift and says there is lift everywhere. We are a bit more organised in the launch queue today after day 1. The day looks good, there is no waitiing when the launch opens at 12.45 and everyone is keen to go. All the Open class are away in 45 minutes. Jamie gets on the road and is manning the Flymoyes twitter account. We hear Attila in first with Jonny, Zac and Carl close behind. Lots of pilots in goal, lots of happy and tired pilots coming in now at 11.30 pm. There is an estimate of 35 in goal and lots of PB's. Looks like Jonny has won the day with Zac close behind.

Sport class had a 63.5 km task to Grenfel Racecourse. Three of the six make goal, 2 x Malibu's and a Sonic. Luke Brown on his 2nd cross country flight ever makes goal. Wes will have the scores up in a few hours.

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