Moyes Delta Gliders

Practice Day 1

We wake on New Years Day to rain and drissle, at first I thought it must have just been the sprinklers watering the lawn then I looked up to dark grey skies all around. It was raining in Forbes! The rain cleared up by the afternoon but the airport was too wet to fly. Tonight is the launch crew get together and weak link tying session or Mexican weak link party minus the Tequila.

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Practice Day 2

The rain has stopped and is clearing. A great practice day by many. Today is registration day and the Welcome party at HQ. By the end of the night 70 pilots have registered, 64 in the Open class and 6 in the Sport class. We will be trialling a 10 man task committee for the competition. The idea is to share the load of task setting and early mornings with more than 3 pilots for this 10 day competition and to encourage new pilots into the task setting role. We have chosen 10 pilots for a rotating 3 day roster. The task committee is: Jonny Durand, Dave May, Conrad Loten, Gerolf Heinrichs, Len Paton, Jon Durand Snr., Attila Bertok, Lukas Bader, Balasz Ujhelyi, Trent Brown. Davis has the weather reports ready by the time the task committee arrive by 9am each day. Safety committee is Steve Blenkinsop, Rod Flockhart, Cameron Tunbridge. Protest committee is Peter Dall, Joerg Bajewski, Ben Dunn and Carl Wallbank as the alternate. Let the games begin!