Moyes Delta Gliders

It was reported that the glider was only one year old and had about 120 hours. Having checked our records, the glider is actually 18 months old and with its second owner. We were lucky enough to receive the damaged portion of the wire, providing us with the opportunity for inspection.


Upon inspection it was obvious the wire had been kinked, as the thimble was dramatically damaged. Only five of the 19 strands were still intact. This more than likely occurred whilst the glider was being setup. It is not uncommon for the wire to be damaged during setup, however with due care the problem can be avoided.

We also wish to reiterate that Moyes use a 1 x 19 strand stainless steel cable on our Litespeed. The cable and assembly techniques we use, on all our gliders, have been thoroughly tested and exceed all safety requirements.

There have been a number of recent articles discussing the pros and cons of different wire material and constructions. All wires have advantages and disadvantages and we chose wires after consideration of these facts. Given this choice of wire, we recommend that all pilots consider the following;

Replace wires as recommended by the owners manual for your glider. For the Litespeed, we recommend replacing wires every 50 hours or six months.

Do a thorough pre-flight inspection every time you fly. Pay especial attention to the end of your wires – both ends.

When assembling your glider, use a procedure that ensures that the wires can not be kinked.

With these points in mind, you'll have a fun, save flying experience.