Moyes Delta Gliders

 Litespeed RX 3.5

RX Take your flying to a new dimension…

The 2017 RX sports a number of innovative

undersurface refinements:
    •    Fresh clean under surface with the new ‘Swoosh’ design
    •    Batten Cut-outs which allows an altogether tighter sail span-wise without extra panel tension
    •    Super clean tip area
    •    Consistent bar pressure and feedback provides confidence at higher speeds
    •    Less unwanted yaw and roll gives you the “glides on rails” effect


    •    Custom Colours
    •    Durable, UV resistant PX Rim in White or Silver
    •    Moyes Signature inlaid sail design for improved handling and performance utilising 170 MT Dacron
    •    Aerofoil A-frame with Fast speedbar simply upgraded to Carbon speedbar
    •    Round conical hand made carbon fibre cross bars
    •    7075 T6 Main Airframe


    •    PX mylar inlaid mainsail in UV resistant White or Silver
    •    Moyes Technora mainsail, custom designed, UV resistant, ultralight weight with very low stretch and high tensile strength

Zoom Frame
    •    Slimline aerodynamic profile
    •    Improved fittings that allow the upright to rotate an extra 45 degrees to avoid the fitting being damaged when the upright is damaged

Carbon Speedbar
    •    Aerodynamic profile
    •    Hand laid pre-impregnated carbon fibre
    •    Internal pressure cured at very high temperatures to ensure an attractive and durable finish
    •    Comfortable round hand grips

Carbon Fibre Leading Edge Inserts
    •    Lightweight yet strong
    •    Improved pitch and yaw stability
    •    Innovatively incorporates a thin balsa insert for added stiffness
    •    Helps maintain an aerodynamic profile between the ribs providing a clean, smooth leading edge surface, especially at high speeds

 See Specifications here.


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