Moyes Delta Gliders

Matrix - Features

Features Matrix Race Matrix
Extra long tapered and hinged carbon fibre back plate offers maximum support and comfort  Yes  Yes
Hands free harness angle of attack adjustment with incorporated slider for upright landings Yes Yes
Durable Cordura outer skin provides a seamless symmetrical taper from shoulders to toes Yes Yes
Continuous webbing provides excellent structural integrity Yes Yes
Internal retracting zip up and unzip cords Yes Yes
Large internal storage bag with water bladder sleeve Yes Yes
Travelling main riser back up system enables security with function Yes Yes
Externally mounted semi counter sunk parachute container positioned within easy reach of both hands Yes Yes
Parachute bridle guide routes bridle away from head/neck area to either a carabineer or main webbing attachment point Yes Yes
Internal pockets for a camera and radio Yes Yes
Internal side panel access zips allow the addition or reduction of shaping material as well as the option for utilising the area for additional storage Yes Yes
Button hole aerotowing shoulder tabs that can be tucked away when not in use Yes Yes
Removable Boot Skid Protector   Yes
Less aggressive taper to the boot resulting in additional leg room   Yes
Aggressive taper for added aerodynamics Yes  
Neoprene arm fairings for drag reduction Yes  
Weight 7.2 kg 7.5 kg


Options: Matrix Race Matrix
Zippered aerotow loop pockets Yes Yes
Side front top pocket - 1 pocket Yes Yes
Side rear bottom pocket - 3 pockets Yes Yes
Drogue Chute Pocket Yes Yes
Drogue Chute Pocket with pull out deployment flap Yes Yes
Riser connected direct to dingle dangle Yes  
Waist Tow Points Yes Yes