Moyes Delta Gliders



Code Zero Smoke Mainsail – High performance, superb handling, easy to fold.

Zoom frame and carbon speed bar: Introduced in 2001, we have over the years refined our upright cross sections, for better fit, for higher strength margin, and for more efficient aerodynamics, we easily reach the +6G load test required, the new bottom fitting allows the carbon base bar to fold out an extra 45 degrees. The speedbar is specifically designed for optimized aerodynamics and improved comfort and control.

Leading edge inserts: The real deal, sandwiched with light weight balsa for that added rigidity for high speed glides.

Carbon Rear leading edge: In production since 2003, proven, super strong yet light weight, saves approximately 730 grams off the weight of the glider, and reduces wing tip inertia.

Carbon Inboard & Outboard dive sticks: In production since 2003, saves approximately 340 grams off the weight of the glider yet inflexible when you need it.

All of our carbon parts are manufactured using highly optimized "prepreg" pre impregnated carbon and cured at 120 degrees.

The specials price Includes:

  • Delivered to Europe
  • Custom undersurface colours -16 colours to choose from
  • Custom colour mainsail logo
  • Mylar trailing edge inserts
  • Test flown and tuned
  • DHV certified
  • Spare Zoom upright
  • New 1G Moyes memory stick
  • Excludes VAT

Terms: 50% deposit with the order, the balance prior to shipping.

Contact your local dealer or Moyes direct.

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