Moyes Delta Gliders

Stock Hang Gliders - Litespeed RX


RX4 Pro (SAIL ONLY - 2nd hand)   |   Rec #7243

*Sail colour is a representation only and not a photo of the actual glider. Frame not included.

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  • Sail produced: 27/3/2019
  • Condition: 30 hours airtime
  • Leading Edge: Silver PX
  • Mainsail: Technora
  • Trailing Edge: Pro-Edge
  • Undersurface:
  • Inner: Skylite
  • Swoosh: Black
  • Swoosh Shade: Pacific Blue
  • Outer: Black
  • Boomerang: Pacific Blue
  • Batten Tapes: Black
  • Price: A$ 6698 incl GST