Moyes Delta Gliders

The 318.8 km task was the longest Forbes task ever, the 2nd longest task in Australia and the 3rd longest competition task in the World. We had 29 pilots make goal and 28 pilots make personal best flights. There were some very happy and some very tired faces the next day at briefing.
We had 3 days of flying in each of the competitions and the Moyes boys placed very well.

Craig Worth Open                              Steve Hocking Classic
1st        Jonny Durand RS3.5                1st         Jonny Durand RS3.5
2nd       Curt Warren RS4                     2nd       Carl Wallbank RS3.5
3rd        Gerolf Heinrichs RS3.5            3rd        Trent Brown RS3.5

Jonny continued his great start to the season to take out his 11th consecutive win at the NSW State Titles at Manilla, and he's a Queenslander to boot! The Manilla comp had a great roll up with nearly 60 pilots and great flying with 7 consecutive days. Moyes Boys won 6 of the 7 days starting with Dave May on day 1, followed by Curt Warren, Jonny Durand, Dave Seib and Conrad Loten. Overall: 1st Jonny Durand RS3.5, 2nd Scott Barret, 3rd Dave May RS4

World Championships 2013:

You may have heard that Bill and Molly travelled to Lausanne, Switzerland last week to present the bid for the World Championships at Forbes in 2013. From all accounts Bill made a very good presentation. The word going around was that Australia was very serious if they sent Bill! There were no other bids and Forbes won! We are very excited about the prospect and the challenge of hosting a World Championships in Australia. Now the work begins!
Full details will be up on the web site in due course, go to

Pre-World Championship – 10 Competition Days
Practice Day Wednesday 4th January 2012
1st Competition Day Thursday 5th January 2012
Last Competition Day and Presentation Saturday 14th January 2012

World Championships – 12 Competition Days
1st Practice Day Friday 4th January 2013
2nd Practice Day Saturday 5th January 2013
Opening Ceremony Sunday 6th January 2013
1st Competition Day Monday 7th January 2013
Last Competition Day Friday 18th January 2013
Closing Ceremony Saturday 19th January 2013
Our bid brochure can be seen at
Our bid DVD presentation can be seen at:

Champion Moyes Boys:

We have new "Podium shirts" especially for any Moyes Boys that places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at any major cat 1 or 2 competition.
The shirts and hats are not for sale and can only be won. If you have a major comp coming up let me know and I'll get some in the mail for you. The catch is that you have to supply a photo and article about the competition for the web site.

Ultra flex Leading edge:

Last year Gerolf redesigned the layup of the Carbon front section leading edge. The idea was to make a more flexible leading edge to improve handling and less high siding.  This would allow the leading edges to flex in a vertical direction but maintain stiffness across the trailing edge.
It has proved a winner with the fantastic results of the RS3.5 and we will continue this concept with the smaller size Litespeed's in 2011.
All of the Litespeed's built in 2011 will have this Ultra flex design except for the larger sizes of LS 4.5, LS 5 and RS4 .


Carbon Keel:

After years in the making we are now in production with a sleek streamlined Carbon keel for those who want the extra edge. The Carbon part of the keel is the mid section and stinger. The keel is user friendly and comes apart so that you can still stand the glider on the keel for setup.
The front section of the keel is not available in carbon at this time.


Powered Malibu:

The Malibu 188 is proving to be an amazing glider for many different purposes. The new Mosquito powered harness clips straight into the Malibu 188 adding another dimension to the Malibu 188. The Malibu 166 is also proving to be just as popular, the hype continues on both sizes of the Malibu for their ability to stay up in light conditions when no one else can!


New Apparel:

We now have stock of a new round neck T-shirt in 3 colours, White, Black and Blue as well as a new Polo shirt in 2 colours, Taupe and Blue and 3 styles of caps, Regular, Military and Flat peak.
The flat peak model is available in 2 sizes.



Spring is just around the corner and we would like to offer a Spring Special of a spare upright and pair of bottom side wires free of charge with every new glider ordered in March and April.



Moyes is now on Facebook, come and join us at Fly Moyes!


Thank you for your continued support
The Moyes Team