Moyes Delta Gliders

Towing went well with one mishap to Mark Russell when his VG wrapped around the wheel of the dolly.
The ambulance were on site which was a great help. Noma repaired Mark's glider last night after the dolly did quite a bit of damage.
From all accounts the flying was fantastic, challenging at times.
Curt was first into goal, Attila 2nd and Carl Wallbank 3rd.
Molly was on hand with the day winner cookie!
Lots of happy faces in goal, 22 all up.
With 4 pilots less than 1 km short.
Gavin Meyers from South Australia made his first goal and a persona.

Results here.



Task 2 - Craig Worth Open

(5 Jan 2011)

Another great day at Forbes, Day 4, Task 2 Wednesday 5th January, 2011 Open Class Forbes, Grenfell, Eugowra, Cudal for 162 km with the Sport Class Forbes, Eugowra, Cudal for 84.4 km.

Towing went well though we were down 1 tug. We got everyone away in about 1.5 hours with 5 tugs.
There was no early rush as conditions looked slow to start with the high cirrus.
After launch finished the Sports class pilots reported over development way in front of them.
Rob headed off in the direction of goal and Wes back to headquarters to monitor the radar.
The Sport class task was stopped just before their first turnpoint as the storm was too close to their goal.
Rob and Wes monitored Cudal closely and we hoped the storm would pass by the time the Open class would arrive at goal.

It did and we had 33 pilots in goal. Results here.



Task 3 - Craig Worth Open

(6 Jan 2011)

Day 5,

The task committee do an excellent job once again and set a 318.8 km task to Hay. This is the longest task ever called at a Forbes competition. The 2nd longest task ever called at a competition in Australia and the 3rd longest task in the world. An amazing 29 pilots make the goal some landing as late as 8 pm. All report epic conditions on course and over 25 pilots record personal best flights.

Retrieves are late and the scoring is not completed until the next morning just before presentation.
Sports Class had a 113.1 km task West to Tullibigeal, 2 of the 3 pilots make it and are kicking themselves they didn't fly on to Gunbar.

Results here.