Moyes Delta Gliders

By Simon Murphy

Dave Matthews is, perhaps, not one of the UK's most famous pilots, but he should be!  Dave bought his first Litespeed in 2003, because his lady reckoned that, since he was spending so much time and effort flying in comps, there was no point buying anything but the very best!  That meant a Litespeed S 3.5, even though it cost more than the opposition.  Results improved as he gained experience, and suddenly he was winning. 

Dave's record speaks for itself.  It has to, because Dave is so modest that he would never tell you what he has achieved!

2011 British Open Series Champion

2010 British National Champion

2009 British Open Champion

2007 British Open Series Champion

        US Nationals Champion

        Member of the winning British Team in the Worlds, Texas, USA

2006 National XC Champion


Photo by Richard Sheppard