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Kraig Coombe wins US Nationals

Kraig Coomber RX3.5 wins the US Nationals 2012! Congratulations Kraig!

2012 Big Spring Championships

Kraig Coomber, Moyes USA, has won the US Nationals flying the new RX3.5.

His consistent flying enabled him to take the title with a comfortable 277 point lead.

Kraig's writes: At 83 kilos I've been really happy with my RX3.5. I was planning on getting an RX4 at first but now that I've flown the 3.5 in Florida and here in Texas, I'm 100% content with it. It climbs as good if not better than anything out there and glides as well as you would expect.

The big bonus is that it handles like a toy!

Full results can be seen here: