Moyes Delta Gliders

Airborne Gulgong Classic


(Photo Courtesy of Jamie Shelden)

The Airborne Gulgong Classic 25th Nov - 1st Dec was dominated by the Moyes Boys.

Four Challenging tasks in mixed conditions, a great start to the season!

Jonny took line honours!

The top 10 line up looks so good I have to name them all!

1st Jonny Durand Aus Moyes RX 3.5
2nd Attila Bertok Hun Moyes RS4
3rd Trent Brown Aus Moyes RX 3.5
4th Wolfgang Siess Aut Wills Wing T2 C
5th Glen McFarlane Aus Moyes RX 3.5
6th John Smith NZ Moyes RS 4
7th Adam Parer Aus Moyes RX 3.5
8th Matthew Barlow NZ Moyes RS 4
9th Konrad Heilmann BRA Moyes RX 3.5
10th Jonas Lobitz NZ Moyes RX 3.5

Congratulations Moyes Boys!

Full results at: