Moyes Delta Gliders

 Sometimes, it is actually the non-flying days that can create the most interest in our flying machines.

While waiting for the last task of the Slovenian Open 2009 to be cancelled for too much wind, pilots were already getting a little bored at take off. So, I decided to set-up a demo Malibu-188 - just to show what one could do with a stiff breeze like this, given the proper toy in hand.


In no time pilots where back up on their feet. The first No, that wouldn't work comments was quickly replaced by Wow, that looks like fun remarks. Especially the girls instantly fell in love with the Malibu's easy handling and friendly stall.


Soon Jamie, Zhenya & co had taken over and I found myself quickly demoted to just taking pictures of them and helping out with some base-baring instructions.

If I only had brought my order book with me could have sold about ten gliders, I reckon ;-)