Moyes Delta Gliders

From Simon Murphy-UK

There was a real possibility of an in-flight failure, which could have had extremely serious consequences. As a result of this incident we no longer supply retail customers with the plastic-only upright end fittings, although these will continue to be available to reputable dealers. Retail customers will only be able to purchase the end fitting with the stainless bracket installed.

Report on the incident from the BHPA

This incident occurred luckily, on the ground, the glider was discovered to have an upright adrift during rigging. Examination showed that the plastic moulding on the end of the upright and connecting it to the base-bar had failed. After dismantling and comparing with the opposite connection it was apparent that a metal insert into the moulding, which provided the structural integrity of the connection, was missing on the side that had failed. (The role of the owner in maintaining the glider was again called into question.)