Moyes Delta Gliders

 To install the Hang Loop(HL)

  1. Loosen the Quick Link (SS Maillon) and detach one side of the webbing.
  2. Place the AN5 34A bolt through the HL tang 
  3. When you are facing the A-frame from the front of the glider, keep the pullback system underneath the right side of the Dingle Dangle(DD) rocker.
  4. Place the AN5 bolt & HL through the DD rocker over the pullback system with the safety webbing towards the back of the DD block.
  5. On the opposite side of the DD have the VG rope(ropes on a Gecko) underneath the rocker with the opposite HL attachment on the outside.
    Note: On a Gecko the Kingpost rope can run over the DD rocker but underneath the back-up safety webbing.
  6. Place the opposite side of the HL onto the bolt with SS washer and AN5 half nut.
  7. Tighten up the nut, still allowing the tangs to swivel slightly.
  8. With the safety back-up webbing attach the Quick link over all the ropes.

hang loop 01

hang loop 02

hang loop 03