Moyes Delta Gliders

Corinna Schwiegershausen


Corinna Schwiegershausen

Born in Bremen, Germany

Hang Gliding since 1991, Paragliding since 1999

Always a Moyes Pilot

First Title:

  • 1994 German Woman’s National Champion
  • 1998 Women’s World Champion, Hungary: Hayduszoboszlo
  • 2004 Women’s World Champion, Austria: Greifenburg
  • 2006 Women’s World Champion, USA: Questair, Florida
  • 2008 European Women’s Champion, Austria: Greifenburg
  • 2008 Women’s World Champion, Italy: Monte Cucco
  • 2013 Women’s World Champion, Australia: Forbes
  • 2010 German National Champion, Overall (Men and Women)
  • 2009 Texas Open World Championships, 17th Overall (Only women from 120 competitors)
  • German Cross Country Champion: Women’s Since 1993

I’m an active member of two hang gliding clubs: Bremen (North) and Darmstadt (Central), and I go to meetings and fly with the local pilots for fun or XC or competitions.

I also attend the meetings of our hang gliding association and I write for the DHV magazine (6 editions per year), featured with 1 article in almost every magazine.

My main sponsors are Red Bull and Adidas and I do a lot of media work for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, so I am well known amongst the hang gliding and paragliding community.

I’m active on social media and I have a regular blog at


I twitter regularly

and YouTube sometimes.

Pilots ask me about flying techniques, but also about tuning gliders and finding the right equipment because I’m too light a pilot to do that well in the sport.

As a flight attendant, I learn about different cultures and I like to learn languages. I speak German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

I don’t just fly comps, but I also support the Junior and Ladies hang gliding challenge, held in Austria for German speaking pilots of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria every year. From Munich I drive to the mountains to fly if I don’t have to work or if at a competition.


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