Moyes Delta Gliders

Roland Wohrle - Germany

Roland Wohrle

I saw my first hang glider in the sky in 1983 while I was motorcycling, I stopped and immediately fell in love with the idea of hang gliding. I sold my motorcycle and went to school. A hang gliding school! After 27 years of hang gliding I would say: "That was a really good decision"

I started competing in 1987, from 1991 I have been a member of the German League, and since 2000 a member of the German National Team. At the Europeans in 2008 in Greiffenburg, Austria, I was a member of the team that won the team Bronze medal!
I won the German Open in 2008 and came 10th at the Pre Worlds at Monte Cucco, Italy, in 2010.
My personal best XC flight is a 243 km FAI triangle in the Black Forest, Germany, where I live.

When I bought my first Moyes Litespeed in 2000 I said to Vicki: " Give me a fantastic one, this could be the beginning of a long marriage!"
Now in 2011 the love with a Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 is still on!