Moyes Delta Gliders

Matjaz Klemencic - Slovenia


How you got into hang gliding
I had this fortune to be raised in a family with father already in love with hang gliding and Moyes wings. I stolen the glider from local club, an old rogalo wing and was making my first jumps from a 4 m hill at 11 years of age. At 12 father took me to a training slope and got me in to the air for the first time. Having flying in my life was something logical, I knew this will be a part of me but I wouldn`t dare to dream it will be sucha  big part of it :)

How long have you been flying
I am flying now since my first mountain flight at 15 years of age, it should be 15 years now.

Why you fly
There is a combination of different things that make me enjoy a jump down in winter or an epic flight during the season. Every time it is different, every time you can come down with life batteries set to full again. We are all enjoying the views of course, but sharing them among friends and wild life birds, lets say at my home Alps, these are just un-forgetable moments.

Having a wing like Moyes produces just makes it all even easier to enjoy the air with such a great feedback from the wing.

Where has it taken you
In these years many "events" occurred in my life due to my style of life with hang gliding. Nokia spotted my video and invited me to lifetime contest where I experienced zero G flight in Florida. From there on, long relationship was born between us and I was more and more looking in to professional sport life. Red Bull now backed me up and with Moyes family behind my back I have all tools to make the most out of my hang gliding life.

Comp results
In past two years since I am with Moyes I made some podiums and last year my first win of the comp. Looking forward for some more in the future of course :)

My goal is of course to be the best in the world. Its a long road to there, but so far I am having quite some fun doing it! :)

I think I am quite living my dream right now :)



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