Moyes Delta Gliders

We recommend that if any pilot plans to do aerobatics or any high 'G' maneuvers, they should change the side wires to 2.4mm (1 x 19).

All Litespeed's will now be produced with 2.4mm (1 x 19) side wires unless customer requests 2mm (1x19) wires.

Please ensure when placing an order for side wires that you provide the serial number and A-frame option.

PLEASE NOTE: Any aerobatics are outside the normal flight envelope. Pilots wishing to perform aerobatics on any glider should consult the manufacturer for advice on whether strengthening is required.

Since 1999 Litespeeds have been certified successfully with 2mm wires, and they continue to be adequate for normal flying, within the parameters set out in the past.

DHV certification is not affected by the change to different wires, provided that they have been tested and shown to be at least as strong as the certified type. This is the case for Moyes-produced 2.4mm wires, so the gliders will retain their certification status when fitted with genuine Moyes wires.

Note that the fitment of non-standard wires of different makes or materials should be considered as rendering a glider uncertified, unless the manufacturer of those wires can show that they have been tested against the originals, and shown to be at least as strong, to the satisfaction of the DHV.