Moyes Delta Gliders

We would like to emphasize that it is very important to practice deploying your parachute, especially if you have a new parachute or a new harness or both. You should practice deploying your parachute with both your right and left hand. Though please note that deploying a chute with the opposite hand should be avoided if at all possible. The reason is that it forces the bridle to cross your body during deployment which can create a major problem once it loads. You ALWAYS want to throw the chute out away from the side it is mounted on. You should practice deploying your parachute when you purchase new equipment and again when you are removing your parachute for it's 6 monthly repack.

Our Matrix series of harness do have compact parachute containers for streamlining purposes. We do recommend that you use a small packed parachute similar to the Metamorfosi Conar.

Contributing factors as to why you may have difficulty deploying your parachute:

1. Parachute is too big for the container.

Your parachute should fit into the parachute container easily, if it does not your parachute may need repacking or you may need to purchase a smaller packed chute.

2. Parachute is incorrectly installed.

Your parachute should be installed as per the manufacturer's instructions or as per the Matrix manual. One other point to note is that the handle should be routed on the inside of the two grommets. This helps spread the zip. If the handle runs on the outside, it instead bunches the zip.


Incorrect-Handle on the outside of the grommets and bungee.


Correct-Handle on the inside of the grommets and bungee.

3. Deployment bag is fitted with a handle extension with only one attachment point.

Your deployment bag should have 2 attachment points, using an extension handle reduces the control and speed of deployment.

parachute-Incorrectly-installed-2 parachute-Correctly-installed
Incorrect handle attachment. Correct handle attachment.

4. One other point.

We have recently discovered that by cutting the bottom lip of the parachute container on the Matrix harness, a reduction in deployment friction is achieved. It is advisable to cut/score this lip in the middle of the container with a hot knife.

Incorrect-Handle on the outside of the grommets and bungee.

Your Matrix harness should come with a manual, if you did not receive one you can down load from our web site. Click Here.

Here are some video links showing how easily a correctly installed parachute will deploy.